Wednesday, January 18, 2012


My post today is 'stolen' from my brother's Facebook Group post. It is something I believe very important for both men and women to learn, understand and act on.
"Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour" Eccl 4:9
Our modern day media has not helped matters when it comes to defining inter-gender relationships. Many have come to misconstrue sex as love, giving up your divine calling as a sacrifice, inability to say 'No' as care etc.
Let me say a little on the feminine side. At least, being a guy gives me an advantage to explain some. Lol! Now, you see, some ladies do not understand that standing strong even against his wrong decisions can be so admirable by a guy. Of course, it is no news that the most flexible babe (permit my language) ends up the heart-broken one. Now, why? Giving people the wrong thing they want can be so deceptive at times. They thank you for it, but their inner man devalues you for that. At the end, the inner man always wins. That is, soon you find that lady regretting giving all, but still losing all.
Now get me right! Helping your guy, hubby-to-be is not wrong, but every time a lady begins to act as though she has no knowledge of her own, the outer man of the man says- That is cool! However, the inner man says- She is dull. This is why it seems, 'The bad girls get the good guys'. Why? Many 'good girls' have a modest and godly style, which is something I will always preach, but they take it too far, thinking that not being expressive is also part of Godliness. Their hubby soon finds them boring. On the other side is the lady that loves this guy, talks to him, advises him, tells him her convictions, though it differs from his, etc. Soon, the guy finds every reason to like her presence. It seems more like a 'living Presence' to him. That is why you see some people who the more they disagree or argue, the more they fall in love. In fact, when they disagree, that is when they think more about each other. You then see strange phone calls of "I just wanna find out if NLC has called off the strike." Hahaha! (wink!). That is 'missing him' in action.
An always 'Yes sir' chic....sorry-Lady, is not always the innermost desire of any man. Your conviction might not be his conviction, but sincerely, the ability of any lady to talk with her guy, respectfully tell him his wrong step and above all, you living a personal life of vision can make him fall for you always. False representations on TV and others have made many ladies think softness is dropping your mind for his. How will God call you a helper if you are exactly like him? Only someone with resources, wisdom and energy different from yours can help you! You cannot truly help him except you pull out your expressions and politely show and tell him. At the end of it all, what the masculine nature hates is disrespect, but naturally, every man wants a lady beside him who can contribute ideas, and not pretending that the guy knows all. Such error can initially make her look submissive, but the whole thing soon gets boring. Be gentle, but not dull. Politely express yourself. He wants it. God bless You!
Segun Abe is the Founder of Fragrance of Life Ministries and President of School of Impact, Abuja Nigeria. You can join his Facebook Group - I AM THE BEST and contact him via Email - or Phone - 08026377133

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