Sunday, March 18, 2012


Can I ask you this simple, but touching question? Okay! In 25 years time, will you be happy that you lived your life the way you are doing right now?
What we all meet in the future are the products of the decisions we made before.
I believe everyone of us has a silent passion for advancement, but many times, there is this way we believe the future is still 'far'.
Little wonder a wise man said "Tomorrow will become yesterday in two days time". Simply put: what you call the far away future will soon become past before your eyes!
I watched a few days ago how some primary school kids were having a sports session. See their little legs, taking so much time to complete a few meters race. More touching was the fact that I remembered when I was like that. Every shorts looked like baggy trouser on us. We went to school each day with like 2 Naira. Wow!
Now, decades have gone by and you will live with the decisions you took even years back.
Dear! If you will live with no regrets, please go ahead and live your dreams. Don't wait for human encouragement that might never come. Go ahead and publish that book! Don't marry that person when your heart is not there; that is self-torture! Don't live long, yet regretting the life you lived! Launch into your calling. That is where your fulfillment is.
I agree with Great sculptor, Micheloangelo, when he said "The tragedy of life is not in having big dreams and not reaching it, but in having small dreams and reaching it".
I recall an elderly man who called me some day and said "Segun, if I should come back to life, I will do what you are doing". Unfortunately, he can't come back. I left his presence thinking 'so, this is how life can be lived regretfully'. Ahh!! No! I will exhaust my arsenal. Not a grace on my life will be left unused. Socrates was the one who said "Idleness isn't just in doing nothing, but also in not doing enough".
Expand your horizon, dear reader! Don't grow old regretting opportunities you never took; books you never wrote; friends you looked down on; that lady you never married; that guy you never gave a chance (Don't sound 'religious. It happens.); that ministry you never had; that vision that you kept on postponing till now you are a grand dad. Live without regrets! Exhaust your knowledge! Be true to yourself. Don't allow people take decisions for you, because they won't feel the pain when it's discomforting. Like the elderly man who spoke to me, though visionary, yet no fulfillment. Most unfortunately, he can't come back as he would have wished. Live, being truthful to your bone marrows. Don't please people at the detriment of your calling. 
Phil Collins sang, saying, "All of my life, there have been regrets, that I didn't do all I could....I didn't spend the time I should. It's a memory I will live with all of my life". May you not live a life that will be tagged 'Almost Succeeded'. Exhaust your opportunities. Live without regrets. Go all out for your dreams. There alone your fulfillment lies. God bless you!


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