Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Sometimes i feel i live the most exciting life in the world. I have such a great time walking with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit that i have to share it with the world. It has truly been 'a walk in grace' and it keeps getting better. I'm growing from grace to grace!

This blog is about my christian walk. Its about the things I have seen and learnt in God and how every step of the journey has been so far. It is to honour the Saviour who came to save me; the Father who loves me and the Holy Spirit who has made my life beautiful.

Being a christian is a deep and wonderful thing. It is life and truth and power and glory. I've had my ups and downs but the thing with God is that even when you are down, you are actually up! That can only make sense to you if you are a christian.

People who think christianity is a religion have missed it big time! Christianity has not and will never be a religion. It is Life! An Abundant Life. It is THE LIFE!

Join me as i take you through my faith, through my life in Christ. I pray "the words of my testimony" will touch your lives and make you want to 'taste and see' that my God is good!

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