Monday, March 9, 2009


“I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God” Acts 8:37

Please note that I am not trying to tell you why you should believe in Jesus. I am simply telling you why I believe. My answer is pretty simple and straightforward – because of FAITH! I know many people are going to think “here we go again with Christianity!” but the truth is that every single human on this earth lives on faith. We go to sleep with plans for the next, forgetting that there is no guarantee we will actually wake up the next day; we wake up and go about our day with plans to round up and go home to rest; we go home certain our houses will still be where we left them etc. We simply believe! Why do we assume these things if not for faith?

It takes as much faith not to believe in God as it does to believe in him (probably more). Believing in Science also requires faith just as believing in religion does. The only difference is that I chose to put my faith in Christ.

We are creatures of faith whether we accept it or not. Faith is logical. There is something in each of us that has to believe in something. We can believe God is not real or believe Christianity is fake or believe in what we can prove or believe in facts and theories or believe philosophy or principles, anything! That word “believe” is FAITH.

When you say ‘I believe in ………….’, you are saying ‘I have faith in ………’ or you say ‘I don’t believe in …………’, you are saying ‘I don’t have faith in ………….’

Whether we acknowledge it or not, faith is very much a part of us. So, what then do you believe in? Or maybe I should put it like this – What do you have FAITH in?

I have faith in God, faith in Jesus Christ, faith in the Holy Spirit. Of all the million things I can believe ………. sorry, have faith in, I choose to have faith in Christ. And every day since I believed, He has proved my faith in him.

You want proof? Then “taste and see”. The why and how can only be explained in experiencing it. If you were once a Christian and now you are out of it and against what you once believed, I can assure you a hundred percent without an iota of doubt that you were never a Christian, you just subscribed to a Christian doctrine. There is no one who can ever experience what salvation really is and go back. It’s just not possible! That much I can stake my life on.

You want proof of my faith, then enter it and get your proof! You think you can preach and prove Christianity is false? Whatever you say is gist because “for the kingdom of God is not in words but in power” – 1 Cor 4:20. I don’t argue Christianity, I show it! Not with dos and don’ts or laws and grace but with my everyday life. Complete with all its rust and dirt and imperfections. Christianity is not seen in holiness and perfection; it is seen in everyday, ordinary and normal lives.

So if you want to know why I chose to put my faith in Christ, watch my life and have an idea then taste Christ and understand.

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