Tuesday, March 17, 2009


“The greatest of these is love” - 1Co 13:13

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! That’s just it. I can be who I am; who I want to be; who I should be and it won’t make a single tittle bit of difference to God. He loves me as I am. He accepts me as I am. He blesses me as I am.

I smoke, I drink, I have sex (that means fornication), and I swear, I have a temper, I have a bitchy tongue and I’m a Christian! Odd? Yes, according to so called Christian standards but to God – THAT’S MY DAUGHTER!

What I do does not and cannot change who I am. I am the beloved of His heart, His child. God loves me regardless of all the ‘sins’ I commit.

How many of us yearn to be loved for who we are exactly as we are? That can only be found in Christ. He is the only one who accepts us unconditionally.

I talk to the Holy Spirit of everything and He answers me. I tell Him of my day and deeds (including all my sins) and he listens. I tell Him of every thought and idea and plan whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and He hears me. ALWAYS!

My life never affects our relationship. God is my dad and I am his daughter!

I get angry at Him, I question Him, I sulk and throw tantrums and He is still my loving Father. He disciplines and punishes me just like my biological father. I don’t get away with all my crap but that’s what being a child to a good father is about.

I don’t pretend to Him because there’s no need to. Why would I lie to someone who loves me regardless (apart from the fact that He knows it all anyway)

And then a wonderful thing happens. When you have such unconditional, irrepressible, visible, obvious, open, loving love, it starts changing you. You begin to respond in kind. You start wanting to BE that love. You want to live up to His expectations. You want to make Him happy always. Then you realize you are changing.

Not a false change but a deep inner change that creeps up on you. You just realize one day that you are different in a wonderful way. That is the power of love.

God’s love treats us the way we should be not the way we are. He sees the greatness in us through the pettiness we show. He knows who we are not what we portray. He sees the creativity in our imaginatively wicked acts. He sees the passionate drive in our selfish motives. He sees the hunger for survival in our stampede of the weak. He believes in us. And He loves us!

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