Monday, December 14, 2009


“. . . . . . . . . . . . . . It is more blessed to give than to receive” Acts 20:35

It is that time of the year again, that season when we love to give. Whilst giving should not be limited to a particular time, I appreciate the fact that Christmas is associated with giving. It’s a pointer to the fact that we remember and honor the first Giver – God who gave His only Son. Christmas is a wonderful time of love and goodwill and giving. But I want to remind us of three things – The people we give to; The kind of Giving and How we give.

The People We Give To - My brother always says the best kind of giving is the giving that expects nothing in return i.e. giving to people who are in no position to give back to you. Let me paraphrase Christ’s words – “if ye give them that give ye, what reward have ye?” Matt 5:46. It’s good to give our loved ones and it’s wonderful to exchange gifts, but even better is giving to those who might never be able to give you anything in return ever. For in that, God owes you a reward. I’d rather collect from God than man, wouldn’t you? There are many charity and volunteer organizations that need a lot of things to help the less privileged all around the world. Won’t it be great knowing your giving is helping someone hundreds of miles away?

What kind of Giving – My mom says most times the cheapest thing we can give is money, that is why we give it freely. I believe that. Giving money is easier on us than giving ourselves or giving our time. Most times we take the easy route when we give money. How about volunteering your time and energy and service and skills instead of money? Pay a visit to that lonely old woman; help that farmer with his crops; lend a hand to that frazzled overworked widow; teach that child with learning difficulties etc. Opportunities abound for helpful giving, take advantage of one.

How We Give – Do we give only what we can spare or do we give above what is expected?; Do we give out of love or because we want accolades; Do we give joyfully or grudgingly; Do we give to God or to man? A sacrificial giving is a priceless giving. David recognized that “Neither will I offer burnt-offerings unto Jehovah my God which cost me nothing” 2 Sam 24:24. Every time you go out to help someone rather than stay at home to rest, you are sacrificing. Every time you forgo that new bag to donate money to a cause, you are sacrificing. Whenever you deprive yourself of something for another person, you make an invaluable sacrifice. If we have the mind that for everything we do, we do unto God, making sacrifices will not be so difficult for us. Just do it for the Father who first gave His all for you.

For those of you who want to give but don’t know how, let me introduce NABUUR to you. It is an online volunteering site where you have villages all over the world that have need of every kind of skill and profession to make lives better. It doesn’t matter what you do or who you are, NABUUR needs you and it will amaze you to discover how satisfying it is to work in unity with hundreds across the globe and see the results of the seeds you sow. Not only does Nabuur satisfy all the requirements of the three Givings listed above but they are in need of volunteers like you at this time. Just click and start GIVING!

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