Wednesday, December 30, 2009


"For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God" Rom 8:14

I'm not a New Year resolution person, I don't make resolutions, and I don't keep resolutions. I do however undertake life evaluations periodically to make adjustments to my life. I don't wait for new years to do this; I do it whenever I want.

A few days ago, Christmas day to be exact, I read a publication of my brother's where he mentioned running with the vision. He said it is not enough to see the vision of God for your life, we must run with it to make it a reality in our lives. It got me thinking. I have known God's purpose for my life for a few years now but I am not living it yet.

Why? I found the answer in the above verse FOR AS MANY AS ARE LED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD, THESE ARE THE SONS OF GOD. I have not allowed myself to be led by the Holy Spirit. Even when I follow His leading, it has been after doing my own thing and messing it up then I return to Him for 'fixing'.

By refusing to allow God to direct my path I have stunted my own growth spiritually and otherwise. I started this blog as a 'baby' Christian and I would have ended it as one if not for the Holy Spirit opening my eyes to see how I have deprived myself of fellowshipping with God and realizing my vision. In a few days I underwent a 180 degrees change. It was all about 'ME' and that is okay for starters, but maturity is so much about growing out of personal preoccupation to selflessness.

So I find myself on the eve of 2010, making not a resolution but a spiritually conscious decision to be numbered and named amongst the 'Sons of God' from this time on. If I don't allow the Spirit to lead me, I will die seeing my promised land but never reaching it. That is not what I want for myself. That is not what I want to present to my heavenly Father. I am more than who I am right now; I am meant for greater things; I am bigger and larger than the cubby hole I presently occupy. I need to spread my wings and mount up like an eagle. I need to run with the vision. I have made enough mistakes; it's time to hand my life over to the one who never errs. Making Christ my Savior is good but even better is making Him MY LORD.

It is time to be led by the Holy Spirit. It is time to grow from childhood to Sonship. That is my New Life Resolution!

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